86 acron

11 cayenne

10 gypsy

09  onyx

06 harbor

07 aztec

62 pewter

82 quarry

08 earthen

87 sandalwood

04 stone

66 suntan

12 citrine

13 botanical

14 deep sea

85 deep blue

01 autumn*

67 sand*

비고:"*" 표시는  단종 컬러이나, 재고 확인 바랍니다.  

Why walltalkers No.1.                            innovative  projection-screen & whiteboard surfaces with teflon             

All walltalkers® products are made with the highest-quality "Dupont Teflon materials" ,and created using.cutting-edge technology.

Insistence on superior products and manufacturing processes results in an all-around longer-lasting and better-looking product.

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