Why 월토커ⓦ매직스크린  ?

선명한 영사스크린  겸용 화이트보드로  기업체 cEO회의실, 다국적 기업 미팅룸,대기업 연수원  NO1.실적   

빔스크린 2대,3대 동시 투사하며,벽전면을 프리젠테이션 공간으로 "SAVE MONEY & SAVE TIME" 


Why walltalkers No.1.                            innovative  projection-screen & whiteboard surfaces with teflon             

All walltalkers® products are made with the highest-quality "Dupont Teflon materials" ,and created using.cutting-edge technology.

Insistence on superior products and manufacturing processes results in an all-around longer-lasting and better-looking product.

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