NO1. FEDⓦ매직스크린  

주한미군_ 평택 오산 동두천 대구 ,구미

  • combi-board

  • mag.rite/tacwall

  • tacwall  

tac.wall은 친환경 내추럴

소재 칼라콜크

무반사,방음, 박테리아

,포도상균 생성 억제 

중금속인 납, 카드뮴

포름알데히드가 없음.

오래 사용해도 크랙,변색무


  • 6mm 두께 , 폭 1200mm  

  • 멀티 컬러 :18 color

  • 무반사, 셀프 복원력

  • ​벽전면 게시판,인테리어 

  • tack-board

  • tacwall

  • magnetic-board

  • mag.rite

  •  tackrail :1",3"

  •  holder/hook/flag

  • rail-system

  • mag.rite

  • paperrail

Why walltalkers No.1.                            innovative  projection-screen & whiteboard surfaces with teflon             

All walltalkers® products are made with the highest-quality "Dupont Teflon materials" ,and created using.cutting-edge technology.

Insistence on superior products and manufacturing processes results in an all-around longer-lasting and better-looking product.

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